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EXIM Development Corporation offers a valuable experience in numerous areas of expertise, ranging from the productions of many goods, over construction and real estate services, all the way to the financial analysis and consulting. With over 100 offices in the USA and overseas, and over 3500 experts and partners from the numerous industries, EXIM will make sure you successfully achieve your organizational and personal goals. Your success is our ultimate goal.

Corporate Structure

EXIM Development Corporation is a respected and well-established organization with the offices in the USA, as well as in the Western and Eastern European countries, including the New Independent States. The headquarters of EXIM are conveniently located in Orlando, Florida, often referred to as “The City Beautiful”. Over the years, EXIM has built its excellent reputation by being fully committed to the delivery of the superior services and products to the clients, as they achieve their professional and personal goals.

EXIM has over 100 offices in the USA and throughout Western and Eastern Europe, and 36 legal offices. There are over 3500 employees in over 12 countries. EXIM’s area of expertise is extremely wide, ranging from the production of many different goods, over construction, all the way to the feasibility studies and financial services. With over 1600 carefully chosen partners, with its valuable experience and the expertise in numerous areas, each service and product that EXIM offers is superb and a true reflection of the relationship with clients and partners that is based on open communication, mutual respect and trust.

Ever since its beginning, EXIM Development Corporation has developed a sense of true partnership with its clients. By putting the clients’ needs first at all times, EXIM has demonstrated repeatedly that the success of a company, comes as a result of meeting and exceeding the clients’ expectations. A tangible proof of EXIM’s superior client service is that in an industry plagued with litigation, EXIM has never been to court with any of its clients.

Mission Statement

EXIM Development Corporation is dedicated to proving a wide area of professional and personal services based on excellence and a true commitment to its clients, partners and staff, and the community. Our mission is to be the leading source of information and guidance for our clients, by using the extensive knowledge and experience from our numerous areas of expertise, and to exceed our clients’ expectations every step of the way, as they embark on a road to achieving their personal and business goals.

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